Accomodation in Ireland

If you are going on holiday to Ireland, you want to ensure that it goes with a bang. Choose an amazing piece of accommodation and the rest will fall into place. Here are some places that you should definitely consider.

Image result for Cuckoo Wood Hexagon, Co MayoCockoo Wood Hexagon, Co Mayo

If you are looking to escape the real world with that special someone, this little cabin in the woods is the ideal spot and it definitely has a touch of romantic aura to it. The Cockoo Wood Hexagon is really the epitome of countryside living with hens providing eggs, a stove to cook your food and a bed underneath the stars. This is a once in the lifetime style of accommodation with amazing views and experiences to be had.

Craughwell Castle, Galway

You might want to stay somewhere a little alternative during your time in Ireland and there is nowhere more alternative than this medieval castle that will really make you feel like you have transported back in time. Guests can have full use of the top two floors of the castle which is complete with a grand and old-fashioned master bedroom.

Shepherds’ Huts, Blackstairs Eco Trails, Co Carlow

If you are happy to holiday somewhere with a little less space, why not cuddle up together in a hut for the evening? Surrounded by peaceful woodland, these huts have been painted bright colours and there are many activities you can partake in around the area, including guided walks.

Seafield Hotel, Wexford

Perfect if you are looking for something a little fancier, this modern hotel has a lot of cool up to date features. This includes aromatherapy suites, hydrotherapy pools, luxurious showers and more. Whether you are taking advantage of the spa facilities or you are relaxing in the stunning rooms, this hotel should be more than enough to give your holiday an extra boost.