Increase in Ireland tourists 2018

Image result for Increase in Ireland tourists 2018While Ireland has always been a beautiful country, it seems that it is getting appreciated more and more by tourists. The first five months of 2018 ALONE has seen a 7.6% rise in tourists when compared to 2017. The latest statistics also show the visitors from locations around the world which is really interesting.

There have been 3.8 million visitors from countries overseas in 2018. Those coming from Germany have grown 26%, Italy by 16% and Britain by 2%. This is really impressive and shows just how popular Ireland is becoming as a holiday destination for many. The Minister for Tourism in Ireland has said how pleased he is with these statistics especially in regards to the increase from Great Britain because previously this number was declining.

These tourism statistics have been good news for many businesses out there and it’s actually helped make and sustain 235,000 jobs all throughout Ireland. The aim is to keep the tourist industry high, not necessarily by growing it any further but definitely not letting the numbers drop. There are many theories as to why more people are coming to Ireland and it’s thought that the answer lies with millennials. There is no question that the drinking culture in Ireland is huge and with more pubs/clubs opening, visiting are flocking here to soak up the friendly Irish atmosphere, in addition to the booze.

If you plan on visiting Ireland, make sure that you do your research. If you are coming for the alcohol, then you might want to stay in a busy place like Dublin/Belfast. If you are more focused on gorgeous scenery in the area, you might prefer Derry, Galway or somewhere else entirely. One thing is for sure, the fact that Ireland is big right now shows no signs of halting anytime soon.

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