Ireland’s top accomodation in 2018

There are many lovely places in Ireland but what is popular in the tourism industry changes all the time. Here you can find some of the top accommodations to stay at in the country in 2018 and beyond.

Image result for Bubble Domes, Finn LoughBubble Domes, Finn Lough

These unique pieces of accommodation will put you in your own bubble, quite literally. The views from these domes are amazing, you can look at the lake, the woods, and the stars. The decor inside these domes is amazing and chic. While this is a really nice place, it might not be a good idea to spend an entire holiday here purely because of the size.

Springview House, Co Kilkenny

This farmhouse is family run but the attention to detail in regards to service for the guests is absolutely incredible. The rooms are decorated in a rather old fashioned way but this definitely brings a touch of charm to the accomodation when compared to others nearby. The setting of the house is perfect and a delicious home cooked breakfast in the morning will ensure you are ready to explore the countryside.

The Twelve Hotel, Co Galway

If you want an amazing place to stay and delicious food during your time in Galway, why not get it all at once? The rooms are comfortable and attractive with an added modern touch to them. Downstairs you can find a pizzeria, a bakery, and a restaurant. All of these receive great reviews from satisfied customers so you are not going to be disappointed.

Generator Hostel, Dublin

If you are a lover of technology, this place is going to feel like heaven. This smooth and sleek hotel has lots of facilities that should make your stay even more enjoyable. This includes night lights, multiple plug sockets by each bed and some rooms even have a jacuzzi. Downstairs at the bar, you can find a chandelier made completely from whiskey bottles which is pretty cool.