Star Wars Sees Increase in Ireland Tourism

Image result for Star Wars Sees Increase in Ireland TourismThere is no doubt that there has been an increase in tourism in many different areas of Ireland and one reason might be apparent to Star Wars movie buffs out there. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” featured many scenes that were actually filmed in Ireland and the tourism industry has definitely been taking advantage of that fact for their own gain. When a movie is released in a certain country, this is often the case but Star Wars is such a big franchise which has made this happen hugely in Ireland. An ad campaign was released by Tourism Ireland which has seen the number of visitors coming to the country reach an all-time high.

Skellig Michael was a spot that featured heavily at the end of the movie because it was actually Luke Skywalkers hide-out. The ad campaign saw the cast return to some of the locations from the movie including Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Clare, Kerry, and Cork. Any Star Wars fan will instantly recognise the music in the ad, and sound effects too, because they are taken from the Star Wars movies. The ad ends with none other than Mark Hamill advertising Wild Atlantic Way as a spot to get away from it all. While this is to show the scenes where the movie was filmed, it’s apparent that this sentiment is genuine because Ireland is such a lovely place to visit.

Whether you are visiting Ireland because you are a big Star Wars fan, you want to see the amazing scenery or another reason entirely, there are lots to do in the area that will make for a fantastic holiday. The well-known places in Ireland are awesome but there are also many hidden gems that can be explored. Be sure to search online beforehand and you are guaranteed a time you’ll never forget.