Tips for choosing best accomodation in Ireland

There are all different types of accommodation throughout Ireland and if you are going there for holidays, you want to make sure you choose the right one to enhance your trip. It’s so much more complicated than just choosing the highest rating property because there are other things to consider like location, budget, needs.etc. Let’s take a look at these to help you become a little more aware when planning your holiday.


Think about what you want to do when in London. Are you there to explore the bustling nightlife that Dublin and Belfast has to offer or are you looking for a calm experience in the more rural parts of the country? When you’ve decided what you want to do, look for types of accommodation around that particular area. This is really easy to do online.

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We would all love to stay in a 5-star hotel but ask yourself if you can really afford to do that? Set aside a budget for your trip to Ireland and figure out what you can afford with what you have to spend. You might want to consider a B&B or a hostel if you are trying to save some cash. Remember that a holiday is what you make of it, so just shop around and be smart with your pennies.

Your needs

Ask yourself what the main things you want from a hotel are. While some people want a fitness centre, others prefer room service or WiFi. You can’t have everything so make a list of your priorities and go from there. On most websites, you can search for hotels based on amenities so take advantage of this. Also consider the needs of other people you are travelling with especially if you have kids. In this case, comfort should come ahead of style.