Top Landmarks in Ireland

There are many amazing landmarks in Ireland, many of which have a whole lot of history. Let’s look at some of the top ones which are well worth fitting into your time in the country.

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

This historical building is more like a museum nowadays, but it’s an interesting monument with so much history to it. Kilmainham Gaol used to be a prison up until 1924. It was a prison for men, women, and politicians. People were even executed in the prison. The grand building is now open to the public and contains lots of amazing pieces to behold.

St Mel’s Cathedral, Longford

Build in the early 1800’s, this cathedral was restored after a fire and it’s now a beautiful piece of architecture which is visited by many tourists to the area. This cathedral still has regular services that you can attend or you can even book a guided tour of the building. If you love old buildings, particularly ones with some amazing detail as this, it’s worth exploring for yourself.

Related imageTrinity College, Dublin

If you are lucky enough to be studying at the amazing Trinity College then congratulations but it is so much more than just a school. This huge building is a popular spot with tourists because it is gorgeous and has some amazing grounds to it also. The old buildings around Trinity College are also worth exploring during your time in Dublin.

Slea Head Drive, Dingle Peninsula

The circular route of Slea Head Drive promises an amazing journey with lots of interesting landmarks to see along the way. The roads are narrow but every turn offers something new to see. Located on the western end of the peninsula, the final resting point of this place offers some amazing views that are no doubt some of the best in the whole of Ireland.