Types of Accommodation in Ireland

Everybody chooses to stay in all different kinds of places when they are in Ireland, so what are the various types of accommodation and what do they offer?


A hotel is the go-to choice for many and there are a wide variety of hotels throughout Ireland. These establishments work on a star rating basis, with 5 stars being the most luxurious and coming with the most facilities. If you are staying at a hotel, decide how much money you have to spend and also decide if you want meals included in the price or if you are going to do your own cooking (self catering).

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These have a slightly more homely atmosphere and they are generally smaller than hotels, with usually just a couple of rooms. This kind of accommodation could be definitely ideal if you are perhaps on a really tight budget. These again work on a star rating basis so be sure to do your research before you choose a B&B in Ireland.


Having a house all to yourself is appealing and there are many opportunities to rent one in Ireland. If you want something that is more private and you have more money to spend, a house could be ideal. Check websites like AirBnB to find good deals on these.


If you want your home to be mobile, why not choose a caravan? Travel wherever you want and you can even stay basically anywhere; a caravan will really give you the chance to explore Ireland whatever location you are in at your leisure. This is the ideal choice if you do not really care about luxury and just want a thoroughly cool time in the country. There are many places where you can rent caravans for a week or two in Ireland, so do your research.